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Sadly, I'm moving on as well. OmniFocus is fantastic and perfect in every way except that it's not the best solution for folks who need access from a non Apple device or from a browser. (And it doesn't pretend to this is in no way a put down of the Omni team.) It does what it has been designed to do very, very well. Unfortunately, my work day is now dominated by Windows and Android. I use a Mac at home and tried dozens and dozens of tools before deciding on OF. I kept convincing myself that using OF was worth maintaining separate tools for personal and work domains. After trying so many tools I can say without a doubt, that every other tool (at least for me) falls short of OF. I've finally settled on using a cloud-based solution (Nirvana)...I think I can make it work for my needs. I've been struggling with the decision, and despite that fact that Nirvana is missing many extremely useful features which OF has, based on my devices and access methods, it makes more sense for me to adjust my GTD routine, and figure out how to make it work at this point. I envy all of you that are able to remain Mac/iPad/iPhone definitely have the best GTD tool on the market today. stay productive!