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I recently discovered a great App Underscore Notify for notetaking (well it ticks my boxes!). I emailed the developer at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon requesting that he incorporate Send to OmniFocus and got a response back at 8pm the same day to tell me that he was happy to and it would be in the next release! I've since been making regular feature requests on his board and found him incredibly willing to consider and actually implement them. Nice!

He just sent me an email saying the new version 3.2 has been submitted to Apple and now includes Send to OmniFocus. The App is universal and is only a quid (couple of bucks). It might be worth getting onboard now as I imagine the price can only go up. The App supports Dropbox,, Google Docs and Evernote with MobileMe iDisk coming in the next release (another of my requests). You might need to watch the video tutorials (I didn't and struggled badly).

As always, YMMV.

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