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I'm with you guys! Back and forth, back and forth!

Truth is, OF is way more powerful than Things in many aspects. I especially like the sequential task feature. Unfortunately, Things requires too many steps for everything. Once a task is finished you must go back to the project to see what's next. That alone defeats the whole purpose in my opinion.

On the other hand, the search feature in Things both desk and iPhone is amazing! It finds everything quickly.

OF's UI is a nightmare. It's really ugly and boring. Omni needs a good UI designer immediately! That's what I do.(hint, hint)
I have read more complaints online about the user interface in OF than any other complaint.

I've often compared both apps to a relationship between a man and a woman. OF is the diligent, efficient yet cold partner who does everything right but doesn't turn you on no matter how much you want to convince yourself that he/she is the one. It just doesn't happen. Things is that gorgeous partner that you know is not good for you yet turns you on so badly you can't keep your hand off! You must have it all the time. Then, commons sense prevails and you convince yourself that it is not good for you. That you need a reliable partner even of not so attractive. But then, after a few days, you find yourself wanting another roll in the hay with Things.

Now, we can't turn a gorgeous, sexy, yet limited partner into an effective, responsive partner but we could take the efficient one to a plastic surgeon (UI expert) and work on it, couldn't we?