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OF's UI is a nightmare. It's really ugly and boring. Omni needs a good UI designer immediately! That's what I do.(hint, hint)
I have read more complaints online about the user interface in OF than any other complaint.
I don't so much find it "ugly" as bewilderingly complicated. I think right now it's trying to be all things to all people, with endless view options to fiddle with.

At this point, I'm reasonably comfortable with OF's desktop interface, but like I said originally, I'd have a hard time recommending it to someone who has less patience with tweaking and re-tweaking, or who might just be overwhelmed and confused by everything it does now.

I don't have an iPad, but I do use OF an iPod Touch and I find the interface there A LOT easier to deal with. Less flexible, but more consistent. Windows don't change size and lose their buttons when you change views. There aren't weird view modes it's hard to figure out how to exit, and so on. It's clean and mostly I'm just seeing my projects, contexts and tasks.

I do expect that we're not hearing here from a big base of "power users" who love feature X or feature Y in the full desktop version OmniFocus, who have tweaked it to their liking over the years and who would be sorely disappointed to see those options go away with a simpler interface.

Hence my suggestion of OmniFocus Lite -- cheaper, simpler and easier to master. And I dare say a more palatable price -- $30 or so? -- might induce a lot more people to try it and maybe upgrade to the Pro version later.

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