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Read It Later Pro now supports Send to OmniFocus (StOF).

If you're familiar with Instapaper, it's essentially the same thing, it allows you to bookmark and read material offline. I have both, and since the latest release, have been blown away by how much better RIL is against Instapaper but, as always, YMMV!

Like Instapaper, RIL maintains a very simple interface but also hides an extensive range of features behind actions such as swiping left to right in list view or doing a two-finger tap when reading an article.

It also allows you to switch between pure text and graphic modes, which helps when trying to download things such as bulletin board threads etc. for later reading, which often come a cropper in Instapaper. There's also a wide range of connectivity options to other Apps and services, such as, Delicious, Digg, Evernote, Pinboard, etc.

I've asked Nate (the developer) to see if it would be possible in a future release to have the StOF function send two links to the note field in OF, a live link to the source and another one to the stored offline material held locally within the App.

RIL is a universal App and it's currently on sale (40% off).

IMHO definitely worth a look!

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