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I use OF for long time.
I start without study the philosophy.

No I think I should reorganize my workflow.

Context are physical requirement to do an action, for example:

Physical Location
Home, Office, Store, Car

Physical Object
Phone, Mac, Tool

Physical Acitivity
Email, Call, Letter, Photo, Video Editing, Web Design

Physical State
Online, Offline

Physical Person
Smith, Jefferson, Mayer

In which way I should use the context ?
Lot of ToDos must carry out from persons.
Lot of ToDos I must do it.
Lot of work we will do it in our office.

What should be the priority of context. I will not use all at the same time. I will use only one per task.


ToDos generate output, for example:
Reports - one or two per project.
Time schedules - every month a revision.
Cost - every month an update.
Results - thats the aim of my work.

In which way I should work in future ?
What experience have other user.

It would be happy if I get some feedback ;-)

Jochen (.de)