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Thanks for the reply. This would be a good jumping off point for what I had in mind (if I knew AppleScript).

To be more specific, I'm wanting a script that will be watching omnifocus, and when it sees that a task from a particular (predefined in the script) context or project has become due, it will compose an email in that contains the contents of that task, and then it would automatically send that email to a predefined recipient (my wife). This predefined email address could be her regular email address, her Evernote email address, or it could have two "--" in front and automagically get added to her omnifocus inbox. Lots of possibilities if we could just get a task to be sent automatically, once it becomes due (and its from a particular context or project), to a particular email address.

So the practical use of this would be that you would not have to remember to remind your wife or husband of something, omnifocus would do the nagging for you.

I think this would be awesome. I guess a workaround would be being able to send or share an omnifocus task. But I have only recently gotten my wife to use Evernote (after years of suggesting it). Next step is getting her into omnifocus.

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