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Okay, I'm feeling rather frustrated right now, so I apologize right off the bat if this post seems a bit angry. I just missed my first appointment because OmniFocus did not remind me of it.

I am a new OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad user. I do not have it for my desktop PC, since I am running Windows. (Thanks, by the way, for not taking advantage of millions of potential users by not having a Windows version.) After having read Getting Things Done twice, I decided that OmniFocus for my two iOS devices would be ideal. So I forked over the $70 to get them both.

I moved my existing system from "2Do" to OmniFocus. Granted, there were only a handful of items in there, as I have yet to dive headfirst into GTD, but a couple of simple reminders would be good enough to test out the software, right?

Apparently, I must be stupid because I cannot figure out how to get the app to actually remind me of appointments that I've entered into its system. I tell it I have a consultation appointment starting at 3:00pm today and it is due at 3:00pm today (I still don't understand why there's both a "Start" and a "Due" date/time. Aren't they the same thing?) and it does absolutely nothing to remind me of the appointment ahead of time, even though I told it 30 minutes in the settings of the app.

Searching online to find out how to get OmniFocus to actually remind me of my appointments came up with almost nothing; only this thread seems to be somewhat relevant, but then it says "Retired: Use Local Notifications". What the frell is that supposed to mean? What the frell are "Local Notifications"? Nothing I can find in OmniFocus. And if they are something separate from OmniFocus, such as iOS 5's "Reminders" app, then why the frell did I spend $70 on these apps if they aren't going to remind me of my appointments!?

I'm having to censor myself heavily here because I'm so frustrated. I'll stop now before I get too out of hand. Someone please tell me why I spent so much money on these apps only to find out that they don't notify me of anything.