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Let me add my vote to MacSparky's. I manage my daily activities with OO lists and also use them for meeting agendas and the like. There isn't a really good way to get them into the iPhone.
If I export to HTML, the outline turns into a file folder. Can't mail that. If I export to Word, the iPhone tells me the file is locked and can't be opened. If I export to text or print to PDF (the Daylite solution) or simply copy the whole thing and paste it into the e-mail, the result is readable, but I can't modify it or mark it as I go through the day - or I could if I do a reply to the e-mail and save it as a draft, modifying it as I go along - how elegant and easy is that?
I use Daylite to manage my professional life and OF to manage my personal and have both of them feeding into OO for my daily task list. But now that I've upgraded to a superior phone+, I can't do things that I used to be able to do with ease long ago with a Palm and could have done with some effort with a BlackBerry. Not all progress...