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What are you trying to accomplish? Why wouldn't you want the "ghost" or inherited flags to show up? You must have flagged their project or action group, so why wouldn't you want to see the action?
I want to revue a list of flagged items, that's all.
I flag items as deserving special attention.

I am having a similar problem with 'due' items, since I can't find a way to get a pure list with them either.

I'd love to have a list containing only contexts that contain due items.
If I want to see other actions in the project I can easily do so.
But it seems impossible to get a short list.

Another thing:
in my sidebar, my contexts have little red numbers to the right of some contexts. This sort of matches the number of due items in that context, but in a haphazard way. In some context lists, I have undated items - which is not helpful, since as I haven't put a due date to them, they shoud not appear on a due list.

Any comments?

Now I have quite a large and growing database, I'm finding that some of the filtering isn't working as well as I'd hoped to narrow my searches.


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