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I found a way. It's mostly automated but still a little tedious and could probably be streamlined somehow.

Ok, so i wanted to use Brankic1979’s awesome Icon Set in OmniGraffle for a project I’m working on.

Trouble is, there is something like 400 icons in it sorted in different layers, and Omni Graffle cannot just import the PSD. You can find some easy hacks to import the icons in separate PNG files but i wanted to keep them vectorized.

Turns out it can be done but the process is tedious. Since it took a lot of research to find a proper process, lemme share it here.

- Import the PSD file in Illustrator and save it to AI format

- Use Matthew Ericson’s MultiExporter script for Illustrator and set it to export layers in separate PDF files. Depending on the AI file size and your hard drive performance, this may take a while. You can split the layers among 2 or 3 separate AI files to improve script performance.

- Hurrah! We now have each icon in a separate PDF file. But we’re not done yet. Each PDF file needs to be cropped and its file-size significantly reduced since every PDF still carries the data of every icon.

- In Acrobat, create a new Action. Use “Crop Pages” and tick “Remove White Margins”. Then go in the “Save to” options, tick the PDF Optimizer and go to “Settings”. Here you need to be very agressive in “Discarding Objects”, “Discarding User Data”, and “Clean Up” — i ticked them all. Last, you need to select “Acrobat 7.0 and later” compatibility. Save your PDF optimizer profile.

- Now use that Action on your separate PDF files and — tada! — you got yourself some neat icons ready to be imported and distributed in your OmniGraffle stencil.

PS : I cannot make the Icon Set available in PDF since Brankic1979 prohibits redistributing it. I’ll send it to them though if they’re interested in hosting it.