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Hi again...

Still love the product, but have another question.

When printing an outline only there aren't any gridlines or shadows to make it easier to read, like the border/grid lines in an excel worksheet.

thanks again!
Hi again Christine,

You can set different colors to make an alternating row in the outline and in the gantt chart. There's a small display bug right now, but it should still work. Here's what you do:

1. Bring up the "Project : Colors" inspector and click on the color well for alternate rows. Set it to whatever color you want. You'll notice that only the gantt chart is colored and the task outline remains unchanged. This is a small bug we have to fix.

2. Change the color for the "Background" color well. Now the alternate row color will show up on the task outline side as well.

That's it! You now have alternating rows when you print. Does this work for you?