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Sure, I'm glad you're not too annoyed by my post.

Having experience with several of the outliner/notetaking apps, I'll tell you some of the features that are important for me.

-- Clones: you've heard this before of course. Hopefully self-explanatory. For me, links aren't as important, but I suppose they normally go together.

-- The ability to drag any entry into the sections pane, regardless of level. Important for using clones effectively, I think. Then if you're working on a particular entry and its children, you could have easy access to it.

-- Having "date modified" as accessible metadata, and the ability to sort non-destructively (so I can revert to my own order of entries). Mori does this well, you can just click on the date modified column, and click again to unsort.

-- Smart folders, allowing for collecting entries based on various criteria. Again, Mori does this well. TAO has an equivalent feature, but not as well executed.

With those features, I'd throw all of my other apps in the trash!