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Hello everybody

I'm Enrique, a new user from Spain. I was trying browsers for my "old" 12-inch PowerBook G4/867 which could play youtube videos, because Safari 4 doesn't handle well Youtube HTML5 mode... weird.

Well, Omniweb has turned to be the best browser for my PowerBook. Fast and it doesn't eat all the RAM and processor like TenFourFox... apart from the annoying tab sidebar (i managed to make it smaller but... for a 12" 1024x768 screen, a "classic" tab bar is better) I like it.

There's a problem. I understand English quite well, but I prefer that all my Mac apps are in Spanish. I also share my laptop with friends who are not good at English so... where can I change the app language?

I thought that OW came with Spanish menus, and it would load them if it founds that OS X is in Spanish.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance,