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With most of my projects listed under "No Context" (since they don't need one), it's hard to review the list to find individual actions which are missing a context.

Current workaround: Since projects are not considered available until all their children are complete, you can hide most projects from that list by only showing Available actions.

Disadvantages: This doesn't help you find unavailable actions which are missing a context. And projects without actions will still be in the list.

Possible solution: Add a view option which hides and shows projects and can be saved as part of the perspective.
Since you made projects/groups visually distinct in context view, I have no problems with them showing in "No Context".
I think the user should decide this through the choice made in the Inspector "Mark complete when completing the last item". If that box is ticked, group/project header is not actionable anyway and should not appear in context view at all. There shouldn't be any need for extra view options.
You might simply add a little text snippet under the "Mark complete (...)", both in Preferences and Inspector: "If you tick this box, your group and project header(s) will not appear in context view