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CLI or otherwise, this would be a highly unsatisfactory solution: From the perspective of usability, it would feel like a hack. It also would not meet the needs of those of us who want their inbox items to appear in the 'No context' bin, and have an automatic mechanism for placing groups/projects in their own separate bin, and ensure that this mechanism does not implicate the 'default context' field (and therefore does not interfere with the creation of new children).

I would find it unfortunate if we—the users—started negotiating between ourselves in an apparent effort to minimize the developers' effort. Our role should rather be to request optimal solutions. I truly do believe—as I have repeated elsewhere—that it should all be easy for us [users], not for the developers.

The solutions suggested by jdh and Curt (see links above) are, in my view, the only satisfactory ones proposed so far.