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Erh - I do not use Applescript - but I was intending to use OmniGraffle to make website wireframes.. I think it's quite normal to paste website content into the program, for many reasons. And that's where the bug arrises for me.

The bug has been there for over 4 years, where web content could not be pasted probably. And many people have complained. Thats what I call neglect.
Good to know that you call it neglect. Whether "many" people have complained is less easy to know. Despite your confusion above, this isn't the support forum and isn't the primary route via which Omni customers get support. If this problem is the one getting the most requests for fixing, why wouldn't it be on the top of the list to fix?

If this is a big problem for you, you should vote with your feet. Contact Omni within 30 days of purchase and you can get a full refund.