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When a bug bites a workflow particularly hard, it can be really frustrating. That sounds like what's going on for you, Fritsl; I'm really sorry for the trouble this is causing you.

I can only imagine that the frustration is only increased by the fact that the bug was first reported several years ago and remains unfixed.

That said, the picture of the situation presented on the forums is somewhat incomplete. The bug was first reported in 2008, and since then, we've gotten five emails about it, including one from Rob in September of last year, and one that I suspect is from Fritsl last week.

In my experience, email frequency is generally a good indicator of what your customer base wants and needs. While there are exceptions, they are relatively rare; I'm not sure this is one. Right now, we're working on bringing iCloud support to all of our apps on both platforms. Is that something we should delay in order to fix this?

I experience similar frustrations with apps that I use. One of my favorite apps supports themes; I use one that's not the default. Every time I start that app up, it shows the wrong theme for between 1 and 10 seconds, then switches to the one I use. Multiple times a day, I wish the developer would fix that. (It's an iOS app, or I'd just leave the thing running 24/7.)

I always report issues like that, even when I'm aware that the odds are poor that the issue will be fixed soon. I want the developer to know that I'd like to see the issue fixed; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. The latter category is always a little disappointing, but I also understand that engineering projects involve tons of tradeoffs like this. When one of those decisions doesn't go my way, I understand why.