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almost every customer will assume their workflow represents the mainstream one. How could anyone use this app differently? In practice, though, that isn't the case.
Lecturing customers on their misapprehensions, and deprecating their requirements, eh ?

Interesting business practice ... :-)

Might be better to just grab some duct tape, mitigate the bug, or meet the need. (As I've tried to do with the script above ...)

(And probably best to make sure, of course, that the duct tape [Applescript, that is] is always on hand and in good working order ... a bit dismaying for customers if even the duct tape turns out to be buggy and prone to cause loss of data/formatting (as above ))

Like you, I don't really know how often users run scripts (though I do know that there have been well over 10,000 visits to the OmniFocus-Devonthink integration scripts page) but I do know, from user feedback, that scripts which compensate for product weaknesses can often make a significant difference to user experience and to product usability ...

Feedback like this, for example ...