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Hi all -

I have a couple of questions. I know this has probably been discussed in the past, but I'm having a hard time searching and finding a complete answer to my question(s).

As most of probably do, I have a handful of wait time "groupings" for things like Books to Read, Movies to Watch, Someday/Maybe, Soon, etc. Are these type of things better handled as groups or contexts? I had always assumed contexts, but then I realized that I can't put a context on a group, so therefore, I can't put a partially flushed out project into a "soon" context. So, is it better to create a "soon" folder and mark the project as being on-hold?

How do you guys handle this kind of thing? I'm trying to get better at hiding the actions I'm not ready or willing to work on. I'm really big on documenting my ideas on Omnifocus, but I need to be able to appropriately hide them when they are still just ideas.

Thanks in advance!