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My first thought is that you could pre-fill your schedule with _theoretical_ dresses, planning them out at a time when you have plenty of leisure to arrange all the tasks. Then when you have a potential order and someone's asking when a dress can be ready, you could see if you have any unbooked dresses that will be ready in the needed timeframe, and you can commit to that timeframe.

This is another great idea, and so simple yet it would solve (hopefully) a lot of my planning issues. You are absolutely right I tend to get overloaded easily when "things" just don't go as planned. I have to ask if you have experience in this field? It was like you were reading my mind. Thank you.
When you take an order, you change "TD5" to "Williams Play Dress" all the way through the schedule.
I could always set up a group, folder once I plug in the client or Dress that would be applied.

On Friday, you finish Wednesday and Thursday's sewing, if it didn't get finished. Or do a rush or special order, for which the customer is paying a tidy extra sum, from start to finish. Or preshrink and press thirty yards of cotton batiste, in advance of orders. Or make a hundred fabric flowers to get ahead on the trimming. Or work on a fabulous new design for your website. Or whatever other task is useful.

Yes, I also do all the marketing for my website, photography and advertising, so there is always a need for some extra time, and customers are always willing to pay for rush orders. That is fantastic.


But it's always better to know the bad news before it bites you, and once the backlog is cleaned up, you'll have a predictable system to go on with.

I could not agree with you more. This is definitely worth considering since pre-planning in my business is a big and important factor. It would definitely help me to allocate my time more wisely. I appreciate your thoughts in this matter.