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I hate to bring this up again, but I have yet to find a solution, and was wondering if anyone has an elegant solution to this problem.

I love OO on the Mac, and the new iPad version looks nice, but I can't currently migrate my workflow away from Dropbox (nor do I have a reason to other than Omni's refusal to incorporate it.)

However, I find myself not using the desktop version as much since I can't get these files open from the Dropbox app on the iPad since they are package files (or something else) that won't allow me to open them in OO.

I would be happy to lose syncing, or emailing them back to myself or something so long as I could view my OO3 files on my iPad.

If people could reply with their workarounds to this problem, I would be grateful -- I have a new project starting that I will be using OO3 for, and would like to be able to view the outline on the iPad occasionally. I saw one posted below that had scripts for copying to webdav, but there must be a better way...

I realize this might all go away if iCloud is successful/incorporated/useful but I need a solution now.

Thanks so much for any help with this!