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I would love to hear an official response from Omnigraffle about this insane behavior
The keyboard movement rules are actually very simple, once you know what they are!

By default, the arrow keys will move a shape by one screen pixel. This means you can zoom in to get finer positioning, then zoom back out to go back to moving one canvas point at a time.

If you turn on Snap to Grid, then the arrow keys will move by the smallest grid units. So if you set your major grid to be 1 inch and split that grid up into 8 minor grid steps, then the arrow keys will move a shape by 1/8 inch.

Holding Shift toggles the Snap to Grid behavior for that movement only, so if you're snapping to grid and want to move something by screen pixels, then you can use Shift-Arrow rather than having to turn Snap to Grid off and back on.

(among many other insane behaviors in Omnigraffle, but that's another story).
If there are other behaviors that are puzzling you, please feel free to ask! We try to drop by the forums from time to time, but we obviously do miss things here. (Just look at how long this thread went without an official response!) However, if you send us email at, we'll generally get back to you within a business day.

Hope this helps!