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I understand what you're saying, and I agree. I guess this is just a preference feature because I will always do the same 20 things for each project, but I want to go down the list and mentally check off what I completed to make sure I didn't miss anything because mistakes can happen sometimes if I'm interrupted while working.
Hi Revearti,

What I do in this situation is have the project either in Evernote with Check marks (Todos) which means I can access it from my device or as a paper form, this has two benefits

1) I'm not cluttering up Omnifocus with hundreds of repeated tasks, keeps the database small.
2) It creates a record for me of what was completed when which I can file for a period of time if I wish.

I archive my OF database aggressively to keep it small as I rarely look back at when tasks were completed, but these records allow me to review if I want.