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first of all thank you for this excellent program (just upgraded to Omni Graffle Pro 5) ;-)

Since Graffle is (at least internally) using the graphviz engine, would it be possible to include an export feature of a graph also for the graphviz format?

We are using a graphviz plugin for our wikipage and it would be really helpful if we could do the major work within Graffle and then just do whatever editing and fine tuning will come along within the wiki itself (and have it keep track of who changed what)

Naturally we could also 'just' include the finished graphs as images, but that
  • requires everyone to have and use Graffle (not available on all platforms and for all clients)
  • and keeping track of any changes (and who did them) externally
And while simple graphs are easy enough to do for graphviz, once it starts to become a bit more complex and/or feature rich (links, color, etc.) editing these by hand stops to be fun