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It would be nice if OmniFocus supported sync with Apple's built-in Reminder system.

I have to emphasize 'sync' since in no ways is this system as powerful as is the OmniFocus task system. No contexts, no projects, no start dates, to take the basic. But it would make et possible to see OF tasks in one's calendar application of choice, and even to mark them as 'done'.

And it should be possible to define which task 'tables' each context or project should sync with. With Apples (limited) support of the Microsoft Exchange Server it would mean that one's OF tasks would even be visible in Outlook for Windows.

With iOS 6, an API will be available for the developers that work on the built-in Reminder database. And of course, OmniGroup should warn people only to sync from one OF installation - to avoid circular syncs. Personally, I would sync from my OF placed on my Lion Server (running 24/7) - and yes, access to the Reminder base has been present for some time om OSX, and is clearly present in Lion.

I should add that sync to the iCloud would not give the same. At least, there would be no sync to Exchange users.

But of course, were OmniGroup to include af full Exchange support option, people working in Exchange environments would be more likely to choose OF on the Mac and iOS units.