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I am using OmniFocus to implement a hybrid of GTD and Tony Robbins' Time Of Your Life (TOYL). TOYL teaches that it is better to focus on outcomes, rather than all of the to-do's that could be associated with those outcomes.

I use OF's projects to hold my outcomes and the tasks hold all the to-do's for that outcome. For example, a simple outcome of mine is to 'improve my cardiovascular capacity'. The associated to-dos are 'biking', 'hiking', 'running', 'jump rope', etc. TOYL is flexible in that you could choose any of those specific to-dos to achieve the outcome and not be tied down to a to-do list. For instance, my first choice could be to go hiking, but if time and weather don't permit, I could go biking in my neighborhood, but if it gets too dark, I could go running on my treadmill or jump some rope in the back yard. Focusing on the outcome and not the to-do allows you to achieve outcomes and not feel bad because of incomplete to-dos glaring at you in red.

This is a super-simple example, but when you apply this to all the areas of your life and business you become more resourceful and understand that there is more than one way to get the job done.

Because of this philosophy, I am much more interested in easily being able to see which Projects (outcomes) are available, but not their associated tasks. (A TOYL top-down approach as opposed to GTD's bottom-up approach.)

I have a very complicated life. I run several businesses and have a big family. Each week I have roughly 200-300 action items that I chunk into 25-35 outcomes as opposed to making myself crazy trying to complete all of the action items.

Does anyone have a way to set up a Perspective to quickly view available Projects without their action items, or is there a keyboard shortcut to close all of the disclosure triangles so I can just see a list of Projects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.