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If you've clicked in the outline panel (not the sidebar), View->Collapse All (command-control-0) will close all of the disclosure triangles for you (and View->Expand All (command-control-9) will do the reverse).

I'm a little unclear on how this is going to help you, though, as it seems to me you're always going to see all of your outcomes as available. For example, with your Improve cardiovascular fitness outcome, after you go biking, that project will still be there in view. Is there some part of the scheme that you didn't describe? I guess you could set it up as a repeating project, starting again a day after completion, and you just do one of the activities, then mark the project complete, but that seems a bit clumsy. It sounds a bit like you want something OmniFocus doesn't provide: a group of actions which, when any one of them is completed, reschedules all of the actions with their next group start time. I guess another way of doing it would be if you had all of your outcomes as parallel projects or single action lists, and could sort the list of those projects in reverse order of which one had most recently had an action completed, so the outcomes where you already did something today would fall to the bottom of the list, and the outcomes still needing attention would rise to the top. Unfortunately, OmniFocus doesn't provide that, either, except possibly via some heavy-duty Applescript work.