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Ok, I was one of those anxiously awaiting OmniFocus for the iPad. I have the Mac and iPhone versions. I use them a lot. I was excited to expand my use to my iPad, since I use it for much of my day-to-day work, and having it for maintaining my projects and tasks makes great sense.

But, the price point was high enough that I haven't bought it, yet. I might, but I'm seriously reconsidering my investment in OmniFocus, and I've very disappointed that there wasn't some kind of a 2 or 3 day introductory period when we could purchase it for a more reasonable investment of $15-$20.

Yes, in the grand scheme of life, $40 isn't a huge investment. However, when added to the $20 for OmniFocus iPhone, and $80 for the Mac, it's a little stratospheric. (Not to mention all of my other OmniGroup products!)

I'm pretty disappointed. It seems like you're milking loyalty. And now I'm very torn.
Look, if you bought your favorite movie as a VHS tape eons ago, then as a DVD, and now you just bought a Blu-Ray player, does the studio owe you a discount on a Blu-Ray disc of that title? If you bought a succession of cars from the same manufacturer, do they give you a half off deal if you buy in the first few days of the new model year? Omni does give a big trade-in allowance when you move to the next major version, and none of this business of penalizing people who don't buy every version, either.

Turn the situation around you're a developer, and you put a whole lot of work and money into building a new version of your app for a new platform. Your customers demand that you give them that new software for little or nothing despite your large investment (an investment, I might add, that could be arbitrarily wiped out by Apple deciding not to approve the final product). Aren't they milking your loyalty to them?