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A project in OmniFocus is anything that requires more than one Next Action.

I would probably just use a single action list that contains all of your transactions.

If you wanted to break down the transaction into smaller sub-tasks, you'll probably want to make it into its own project.

If the transaction is so simple that you don't need to list down the multiple steps, just use the single action list with all of the transactions. Think of this Next Action:

Brush your teeth

You know that you have to:
1. go to the toilet
2. fill cup with water
3. find toothbrush
4. find toothpaste
5. open toothpaste
6. put toothpaste on top brush
7. brush taste
8. rinse mouth with water
9. put away toothpaste
10. put away toothbrush

For some transactions, you won't need to break it down that fine. You can be just as happy with one Next Action: "Brush your teeth". Other times, you might break down to as fine a point as you need it.