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Newbie question:

I have a subproject consisting of three, consecutive tasks:

1.1 Specify options then compose and submit the order, Joe@100%, 4 hours duration and 4 hours effort
1.2 Wait 1 month for delivery, nobody, 0 effort but 1 month of clock time elapses
1.3 Receive, insrtall and configure the item, Joe@100%, 2 days duration and 2 days effort

1.3 cannot start until 1.2 completes and 1.2's 1 month clock doesn't start running until 1.1 is completed.

Joe already has a lot to do in the project so 1.1 can't start on a fixed day -- it depends on the actual completion of Joe's higher-priority work. Therefore, 1.2 can't be expressed as a milestone because I can't fix a date certain.

So, how do I do this? I have read every word of the manual and the only possible clues were references to "Drawing constraints on tasks" (i.e., do I drag a month-long start constraint on 1.3 and get rid of 1.2 entirely?) and, earlier in the manual on page 30, a mention of "lead time". Are those the same thing? Is that what I want?

I also read every topic on all 10 forum pages but did not find this exact question.

I'd be happy with any solution but for maximum elegance I'd like a solution that would accept working days or calendar days, irrespective of company or resource vacations (or whatever), so I could enter delivery times in vendor format (e.g., allow 30 days for delivery).

After just a few hours I love the product but I can see already that the manual is way too thin. Hopefully a FAQ and a much more comprehensive manual will be forthcoming.