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I use File > Export > Simple HTML to share my task lists with many of my clients.

Today I was inspired to see if I could modify the HTML page that OmniFocus generates. A BBEdit Find helped me locate the canned HTML that appears at the front of all generated Simple HTML pages.

Using OmniWeb's View > View in Source Editor + hacking + Redisplay, I was able to quickly test various changes. I settled on these:
  • Change the page title from "Perspective: Web Export" to "Task List".
  • Change the font from "helvetica" to "verdana".
  • Minimize the left and right margins by expanding the table width from 80% to 95%.
  • Tighten up the table by decreasing cell padding: 4pt -> 3pt vertical, 8pt -> 4pt horizontal.
  • Emphasize the difference between task descriptions and notes by displaying the notes in italics.
There are two more changes I'd like, but OmniWeb's generated HTML doesn't provide sufficient CSS hooks:
  • Hide the extraneous project name column by setting the text color to white-on-white.
  • Set the Due Date column to no wrap so lines with dates are not double-height.
I realize I'll need to reapply my hacks for each new OmniFocus release:
  1. Right-click on the OmniFocus app & choose Show Package Contents.
  2. Navigate to the Content > Resources > English.lproj folder.
  3. Check for updates to officlal HTMLExportHeader.html file & integrate those changes into my modified file.
  4. Replace the official HTMLExportHeader.html file with my modified file.
I've attached my modified HTMLExportHeader.html file (derived from OmniFocus 1.9.4).

-- Ward
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