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I seem to remember there was some correspondence about this, though it might have been on the list ... whatever, I can't find it through search.

All of a sudden, I have been presented with an alert that only one copy of the global history index can be open at a time. I am the only one that uses this computer; SP15 is the only version of OW on this computer; I have just re-started the computer having been out for several hours ... I open OW and I get that message telling me that I can disable the history index or I can delete it or quit the app. I quit OW and started it again, same alert.

I don't want to delete it; I have disabled it temporarily so that I can send this. Is this a known bug? Can anyone please tell me what I should do to be able to run OW with history and without having to delete it all and start with a fresh history record?

Slightly grumpily,

PS I need to get on with some work, so, sadly, I'm going to have to use Safari or Opera!