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Originally Posted by troyb
This is usually caused by OmniWeb not shutting down properly. If you are sure you're only running one copy of OmniWeb (logging out and then back in insure this) then remove this file:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/HistoryIndex.ox.lock

This wont delete your history index (which provides the full text search available for your history) Just a lock file that prevents multiple copies of OmniWeb to use the index at once.
Thanks Troy.
I was most definitely only running one copy ... it's all I ever do, and as I said, I had just booted the computer. I don't know why OW could have not shut down properly, as I always close all running apps manually before shutting down the computer.
Anyway, the next time I tried to use OW it behaved normally ... most strange!