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I hope this tip will save somebody else out there some time - sure woulda helped me :)

My web host uses cPanel for the site administration backend (as many many shared hosting services do), and I have just figured out how to set up a WebDav server and get OmniFocus to painlessly sync with my new iPhone:
  1. Log in to cPanel (if you can't do this, I can't help you)
  2. Click on "Web Disk" under the "Files" section
  3. Enter a username in the box provided (I used "iphone") and choose your domain name from the dropdown (if you have multiple sites hosted)
  4. Enter password in the boxes
  5. Accept the default value in the "path" box (cPanel probably puts in "public_html/username" or similar)
  6. Click "Create"

Now, that part's pretty easy to figure out on your own, but what ISN'T said anywhere (that I could find) is that, in order to get the WebDav server to play nice with OmniFocus, you need to enter the correct port number in the address in OmniFocus settings:
  1. Follow the instructions for setting up syncing
  2. When you come to the address entry part, do NOT enter "" (which is what I kept trying)
  3. Instead, simply enter "" (2078 is the port number - be sure to put a colon ":" before it with no spaces)
  4. Then, when you click "Sync Now", you'll get a "User/Pass" dialogue box.
  5. For the username, be sure to enter the ENTIRE username, i.e.:

That's it. I hope that helps. If, for some reason, port 2078 doesn't work for you, ask your hosting provider which port they use for the WebDav.

Good luck with it!! :D