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Yes. No. Maybe. :)

There is no means in the iPhone app at this time to directly view or manipulate the duration value for a task. If you'd like to see that, then yes, you should file a feature request via Send Feedback.

However, with the new OmniFocus for iPhone 1.6, there is support for context mode perspectives on the iPhone (synced from the Mac), and with that you can set up a collection of perspectives to help you narrow down what you might like to work on next. You might have a "Quick Dash" perspective that only shows actions with an estimated duration of 5 minutes or less. Or you could group by project and sort by duration to get a per-project view showing actions you could take sorted from shortest to longest. With a little thought, you should be able to come up with a set that will help you choose the right action despite not being able to see the actual value of that field.