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Hello, I want to make tabs with the first and last tabs having rounded strokes in one (top left) or possible two corners (top left and bottom left), but I can't find such stencil in graffletopedia nor do I understand how to create one.

In the Stencil Library/Common/Shapes there is a shape called Rectangle and one called Bézier. The first has 4 corners that can be curved while the second only has the top ones, but I don't see how different those two shapes are. How was the Bézier made ? (I could use that one rotated at 90° but editing color and text would be troublesome.)

P.S. while writing this I discovered that the star and the quarter circle shapes have some kind of programming. How is this made ? I don't remember it being mentioned in's tutorial.

EDIT: over a week later; thanks for all the precious help !

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