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But I cannot create a separate OF file without destroying the one I use for my daily scheduling.
Sure you can.

First, back up your data, just to protect against any mistakes. File->Back Up Database...

Now, use File->Export... to make a new database file, using file format OmniFocus Document, and choosing a good, descriptive name that you'll instantly recognize as not being your regular OmniFocus database.

In the Finder, double-click that file you just created. OmniFocus will open it, and it will look much like any other OmniFocus window (it's got all of your data), but the window name will be different. Make sure you are in that window for the next step!

Select all of the data you don't want, and press the Delete key. You'll probably get a warning about deleting hidden items. Look at the window title one more time and make sure you're in the file you just created, then confirm the deletion.

Now you've got an OmniFocus document you can open whenever you want for experimenting. It won't be synced, and it won't be opened unless you double-click the file in the Finder. You can drag-and-drop stuff from other OmniFocus windows if you want it. Any changes you make in this window will not be applied to your production database. Make sure you make any changes in the right place!