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Hey all, I've got a new problem that's recently (last few weeks) cropped up. I'm running OmniFocus/1.10.4/GM-v77.90.20 on MacOS 10.8.3.

If I leave OF running, and the app is still open as I go from XX:59am to XX:00am, I get prompted to enter my username & password again in order to sync. Some observations from this:

- I don't know if it's always the exact same time, but I've seen it at 8:59am working, and 09:00am it no longer auto-syncs. I usually see it first thing in the morning, when I've left the app on overnight.

- I can cancel sync, quit OF, choose not to sync on app quitting, then restart OF and everything works fine. I don't need to re-enter the password any more, and syncing is working fine.

- I don't remember the exact behavior if I try and re-enter the password. I seem to recall it doesn't try to sync or it fails to sync. I don't remember as I'm always quitting the app and restarting to work around it.

- The following seems to be related, it's from my console at around the time the incident happens. Note small changes to obfuscate the log messages:

May 11 09:00:20 username-mac.local OmniFocus[85094]: Sync terminated with error: {
domain = "com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.XMLData.ErrorDomain";
NSErrorFailingURLKey = "";
NSErrorFailingURLStringKey = "";
"com.omnigroup.framework.OmniBase.ErrorDomain.File LineAndNumber" = "/Volumes/LocalSSD/Users/Shared/omnibuild/ReleaseProduct/Source/OmniGroup/Applications/OmniFocus/XMLData/XMLDAVOperation.m:580";

Anyone else seen this, or should I report it directly to support? Would tcpdumps help, or anything else be useful to send to support?