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Similar problems here since the last sneekypeek.
Currently running 1.1 v77.10.0.104457.
The iDisk sync conflict box is trying to tell me that the OmniFocus.ofocus on the Computer is much older than the one on MobileMe. To be honest the file sizes of both files on the conflict resolver box are suspiciously small. However, the only OmniFocus.ofocus I have on the computer is the one in the iDisc documents folder. And OmniFocus "seems" to be using as its database a file from the OmniFocus backups folder with a filename which includes the date. Is this correct? Should there be an OmniFocus.focus file in the documents folder as well?

I have tried re-syncing from the OmniFocus preferences panel. I have tried manually copying the ofocus file to my documents folder and my iDisk.
I have also tried running the CoalesceDatabase script. I still get the same conflict.

On a positive note... the data shown in my OmniFocus desktop appears to be current. Any suggestions on how to resolve the conflicts?
Ouch -- it sounds like you're engaging in a number of dangerous practices here!

First, do you really need to have your iDisk synced with MobileMe? That's what is causing you to get the sync conflict box. It is a little unclear from your message whether you are having actual OmniFocus sync problems or not.

Second, the OmniFocus.ofocus file on the iDisk and the OmniFocus.ofocus file in your Documents folder are not interchangeable; only the iDisk one has .client files written to keep track of who is syncing and what the latest data they have is. Your local database should be stored in Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus.ofocus in your home directory.

If you insist on having iDisk syncing enabled, I believe Ken is on record as saying you should always choose the MobileMe version in case of a sync conflict, as OmniFocus (both phone and desktop) always writes directly to the server, bypassing the copy on your disk.