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Thanks for the thorough response, Greg! Your research mirrors my experience exactly. I came to the same conclusion a while back when trying to assign a keyboard shortcut to set iChat status from its menu bar icon. As you have confirmed, it seems Apple's Menu Extras (all the little icons appearing at the right end of the menu bar) can only be manipulated via the keyboard using the 'Move focus to status menus in the menu bar' preference and then selecting the item with arrow keys, which seems so inconvenient it's easier to just use the mouse. :-)

Unfortunately, it seems few apps display their own script menu (i.e. one that isn't a Menu Extra and can therefore have keyboard shortcuts assigned to its contents), probably because the developers of those apps don't see a need to replicate the system-provided script menu. It seems like it's usually older, Carbon-based apps that provide their own script menus, like BBEdit, Word, etc. (maybe because they existed before Apple provided the system-wide script menu in OS X?).

So I agree a third party utility is the best way to go in this case. Or maybe Omni will just assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle the sequential/parallel switch, or at least add a command to the OmniFocus menu bar so we can assign our own keyboard shortcuts to it.

Anyway, thanks again for your analysis, Greg. It's good to know I wasn't simply missing a key step (pun intended :-).