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General tips:

People you'll be delegating to are contexts - when delegating, assign to the person's context. Other folks have different preferences, but when I delegate something, I leave a due date assigned to the action, and get it off my radar screen by setting a start date in the future. When that start date rolls around, the action re-activates, and I know I need to check in with the person if the action isn't complete.

Nested folders are supported, so go ahead and layer them if you need multiple layers of Project Area -> Project Container structure. Ultimately, you'll end up with one or more layers of folders, with the last containing a project, which itself contains actions.

For the actions that don't fit into any given project, just add a "single action list" - the type of project with a blue shoebox icon - to the appropriate folder. It's specifically designed to hold those types of actions.

That all seems solvable, but the record-keeping portion may trip you up; the iPhone version is more focused on helping you do things, and while it records all the data on completed actions, displaying them is something on our "we need to add that in the future" list.

You'll definitely want to send email to the support ninjas and let them know that you need this. They can add a vote to the corresponding item in our development database, so the team knows that you need those features added to the iPhone version.