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I know it's disappointing for some to learn that a shiney new OO4 isn't due out imminently, but having watched MORE 3, InfoDepot, INControl and many other great Mac outliners fade into oblivion, I can say that it's very heartening to know that OO remains in active development.

Sure OO 3.0 came out what, in 2005? So OO 4 feels a little overdue. But there's been a fairly steady stream of point updates from Omni over those years, fixing bugs and adding features. That kind of beats having had zero updates in the last decade!

So I say, hurrah for OO4! (But after a 4-5 year wait, it better have MORE-like cloning! I kid, I kid. No, seriously)
While I agree that it is far overdue, and you are correct in pointing out that many outliners have went by the wayside, OO4 better be good or it will flop. I have felt for several years now that 003 is ok for outlining but it has it's limits and could be much easier to format. It has always been clunky for me to work with. I started on 002.