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If possible, I'd love to use the OmniWeb browser with a bit of control over the audio output.

Most importantly, a mute function, either accessible by key-command and/or a toolbar icon for either the entire application or browser-window.

Is this possible or is there a plugin/add-on for this that I've overlooked?
I'm not a OmniDev but your request interested me.

I don't see such a control to be necessary for a browser application. I understand you have a need for it but it usually is either implemented in the web page or one make use of the system control for system wide audio.

Audio is most often only interesting one sound at a time. I define a multi channel mixing session as being one sound. It is not many situations were you would listen to two or more longer pieces of sound playing simultaneously. Therefore it is convenient to use a system wide audio control. It can however have a few drawbacks. There could be alert signals or other audible stuff that would preferably be untouched by the system main volume. Apple have thought about this and have implemented a separate volume control for alert signals but only those from the system itself.

You might have something that you need to have outside the system control affecting the sound sources belonging to the contents in a web browser window? Please, explain what it is?