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Also, I'm sure this was done for a good reason and if someone at Omni could explain why then perhaps it might help me come up with a new workflow for 1.8.
I'm sorry this change broke your workflow!

Inherited flags were never intended to behave differently from direct flags, all flagged items were always supposed to behave the same (though we do draw them ghosted out to help people realize why those items are flagged). This was already true in most respects in the past (such as filtering by flagged), but somehow we'd missed applying them correctly when determining the appropriate group for an item.

But I can see how the old behavior was useful to you, and once again I'm sorry this change broke the workflow you'd found for managing your tasks!

I don't have a direct equivalent to what you were doing, but I'll share my personal workflow: rather than flagging the projects I want to tackle this week, I focus on them (sometimes using the Focus command, sometimes simply moving them into a top-level folder at the top of my project list). I don't do much flagging (I just work through my focused projects), but if you adopted this approach you could still use flags to mark the tasks you want to accomplish today. I don't know whether this approach would work for you or not; but I hope that it will at least give you some ideas.

Hope this helps!