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If all goes well with our internal testing this morning, we plan to turn on the option to sync OmniFocus over a local network using Bonjour.

Bonjour syncing is a very simple way to let Macs and devices on your local network discover and sync with a copy of your OmniFocus database. As it doesn't require special setup or a subscription to a service, this is the simplest way to synchronize Macs or devices locally.

Bonjour only works over local networks. If you're having trouble seeing your Bonjour server from another system, try setting up a direct network between the machines that you're syncing. (You can do this by plugging an ethernet cable directly from one machine to another, or by setting up a direct Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi network between the two.) If that doesn't work either, please contact so we can try to help you figure out what's going wrong.

The current 1.0.3 release of OmniFocus for iPhone doesn't have support for Bonjour syncing, but assuming this test goes well we plan to add that support for the next release.

We look forward to your feedback!

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