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Is there anyone out there who can help me???
I want to start using OmniFocus to organize my important projects on my new IPad and hit the ground running tomorrow however I am having problems.

Although OF looks like the best app available after much research I am very frustrated because I am stuck due to what are probably some easy fixes for someone experienced with OF.

I called customer service and it is closed until Tuesday because of the holiday.

I am willing to give anyone who helps me fix a couple of problems and gets me going a $50 ITunes gift card.

The problems relate to setting up subfolders/sub projects and not being able to move tasks into sub folders and sub projects because the list of folders/sub folders and projects/sub projects that I am given to choose from does not include everything that I created.

Also, I want advice on the best way to backup OmniFocus.

I am trying to recreate as much "Outlook" like functionality as possible.

If I could get this done today, I would really appreciate it!!!