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I am attempting to have Applescript add a note and enter some data in a graphic. Using the "copy as Applescript," (GREAT feature, btw), I have tried to let the program tell me how to do it, but these elements 'don't copy' into the Applescript editor.

I was able to add a note to my graphic by fooling around in the Applescript editor, but the "data key" and "data value" fields seem inaccessible. Is this by design?
The following is the portion of the script that sets the note:
set notes of group -1 to {text:"Enter Note Here EventCode: EnterEventCode Probability = TBD", font:"Tahoma", size:10, alignment:justified}

(I would like to set the "Event Code" and "Probability" as data values for the object below the note, but have resorted to the above to at least get something set in the object that I can edit later)

The Applescript editor seems to compile the word "key" just fine, but when running the script, it generates an error. Are they not accessible, or is there some element that I am missing?

I am using Omnigraffle Pro 5.2.1 beta.