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But why? Why be forced to go through convoluted hoops, just to see perfectly reasonable data in your view of choice? In fact, that doesn't take you to your view of choice anyway, as you're now in project mode!
Maybe three reasons: because OmniFocus is (1) a version 1.x product (2) whose original inspiration was GTD (Kinkless) and early alpha-testers mostly GTD proponents (3) produced by a company whose primary concern is the stability of the product and security of its data, not adding new features all the time.

Ken Case has stated repeatedly that Omni Group plans future refinements to the data structure and UI--for instance, arbitrary metadata columns. But they have not been as important as syncing. It's clear that Omni listens to user feedback, as witnessed by their quick addition of an option to instantly clean up completed actions.

On the other hand, given that OmniFocus was inspired by GTD, with its distinction between project lists and action lists, I don't think the distinction between modes will disappear any time soon. But I'd be surprised if Omni doesn't add an option to show a context column in context mode by v1.2 or 1.3.