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Is there any place that lists the various bugs in work, and suggestions that have already been submitted?

I'm thinking of something like Ravelry uses which is a list with bugs and also a list of potential future enhancements. Some are marked as in work and others are marked as requested. Users of the Ravelry site can vote on the various new features and the ones that get the most votes rise to the top and are being implemented faster than others. Each feature has a comment section so people with differing ideas of how it should work can post their versions and the entire user community can comment on it.

The method of sending an e-mail to Omni means each person describes the change differently and there is no way for a new user to get a feel for what has been requested before sending in a new request.

Take a look at for the way they have their bugs/enhancements forum set up. It's their Ravelry Issues list and you have to be a member to see it.